Product Summary

  • Remote control via smartphone, with position control
  • Control your window, blind, awning, projector screen and other DC motors!
  • Blind control with percentage slat inclination!
  • Time and astronomical clock scheduling (control at sunrise and sunset)
  • Ability to work with mechanical and electronic limit switches
  • Ability to work with motors without limit switches (current sensing)
  • Enables automation combined with temperature, rain, air quality and wind sensors
  • Automatic calibration and time protection to limit engine running time
  • Safety system: overload detection/obstacle detection
  • Additional functions: soft start, reverse movement
  • Possibility to connect wall buttons for control
  • Ability to pair μWiFi remote controls (uRemote, sRemote, inBox)
  • Possibility of central control from the button with the actionBox module

Versatile Use

shutterBoxDC allows you to control any 12-24V DC low-voltage motors like our electric window actuators.

These types of motors are usually found in :

  • Rooflight/Skylight windows
  • Internal shutters
  • Internal blinds (with slats)
  • Projector screens
  • Balcony and terrace awnings
  • Blinds
  • Curtains

It’s also great for many custom DIY projects.

shutterBoxDC v2 cecha1
shutterBoxDC v2 cecha2

Smartphone Control

Control remotely from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

The controller uses the existing WiFi network, you do not need an additional control panel or any radio bridge.

Create scenes and groups that allow you to control multiple shutterBoxDCs simultaneously.

Control intelligently, e.g. give the order ‘close the windows to 70%’, you don’t have to stand and hold the button.

Schedule, Astronomical Clock

You can create a schedules based on time of day and the astronomical clock to enable automatic control at sunrise and sunset based on geographical location – control the windows, and roller blinds always at the same time of the day, regardless of the season

shutterBoxDC v2 cecha4
shutterBoxDC v2 cecha5

Voice Control

In combination with Google Home and Alexa voice assistants, you can control devices with your voice.

Give a voice command to your smartphone or Google or Alexa speaker.

µWifi Remotes

The shutterBoxDC can be paired with the rechargeable “uRemote” remote control, the “sRemote” battery and the “inBox” battery module for wall buttons

The remotes connect to the device directly via μWiFi (do not require a WiFi network to operate).

You can pair one remote control to many receivers, just like you can pair many remote controls to one receiver.

shutterBoxDC v2 cecha6 (2)
shutterBoxDC v2 cecha9

Features and Security

The shutterBoxDC controller has been equipped with additional functions and protections that allow better control of the motor, actuator:

  • Works with mechanical or electrical limit switches
  • Automatic calibration
  • Maximum ‘on time’ to avoid continuous power application
  • Motor overload detection (object detection)
  • ‘soft start’
  • Thermal protection