Product Summary

  • Remote control of the windows, blinds, or cover via a smartphone
  • Suitable for windows, awnings, overhead projectors, and even curtain control
  • Time and astronomical clock scheduling (control at sunrise and sunset)
  • Possibility to pair rechargeable and battery-operated wireless remote controls
  • Automatic calibration enabling percentage control – predefined operating modes
  • Automation in combination with temperature, rain, air quality and wind sensors
  • A time protection that limits the running time of the motor
  • Possibility to connect buttons to control the windows

Control with a smartphone or wall switches

Control the roller shutters remotely, from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone. Create scenes and groups that will allow you to simultaneously control multiple shutterBox drivers.

Close the windows intelligently, eg give the order “close the windows to 70%”, you do not have to stand and hold the button.

shutterBoxDC v2 cecha2

Windows, awnings, curtains, and screens

The shutterBox controller can also control rooflight, skylights, and facade windows, andmost other devices with 230Vac motors

Schedule, Astronomical Clock

The schedule with the astronomical clock function allows you to control the windows at a given time and at sunrise and sunset based on the geographical location – control the windows always at the same time of the day, regardless of the season

shutterBoxDC v2 cecha4
shutterBoxDC v2 cecha5

Voice Control

In combination with Google Home and Alexa voice assistants, you can control devices with your voice.

Give a voice command to your smartphone or Google or Alexa speaker.

Remote controls, wireless buttons

With the help of powered modules from the actionBox family, you can create use button and switches for your windows, without cable routing.

ShutterBox can be also paired with “uRemote” remote, a battery-operated “sRemote” remote and a battery-operated “inBox” wall button module.

shutterBoxDC v2 cecha6 (2)
shutterBoxDC v2 cecha8 (1)

Automation and actions

  • In conjunction with the windSensor (wind sensor), automatically close awnings, windows and roller shutters to prevent damage
  • In conjunction with rainSensor (rain sensor), automatically close the windows to avoid water ingress