Example Electric Window Opener Installations

These pictures illustrate the window opener and some typical applications, pictures are available in high res if required for stockists marketing information

Your Window Opener Open & Shut

Basic illustrations of the window opener in the open and shut positions. The opener replaces any locking window handles as the window is secured by the opener

Images Of The Window Opener Used On A Velux Window

Electric Opener Used In A Home Office

The window is not only high up, but over a desk, so operating by a conveniently located switch or remote control is an ideal option

Electric Window Opener Used On Landing / Loft Conversions

Window Openers Are Simple To Fit

Some images of fitting, the opener comes with a template & you simply use 4 screws and that’s it

Window Openers Used In The Home For Hard To Reach Windows

Here the windows are obscured by blinds, high up fanlights and also over a kitchen work surface

Venset Electric Window Opener Factory Testing

Some pictures of the window openers in a test situation

Window Opener Drawings