UCS, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of ventilation products has launched a new range of window openers, electric actuators and control panels and they are all available to order today directly from Rocburn.


The T-Rack 24vdc – 1000N – Stroke 180mm – 1200mm

The new range includes the T-Rack 24vdv 1000N electric actuator with a stroke range of 180mm to 1200mm. They can be used individually or in a group of increase the push/pull force.

UCS 24vdc - 1000N

Quasar 24vdc – 400mm – 400N

The Quasar 24vdc has a 400mm Stroke and 400N of push/pull force and for security it has 2500N – 3000N of locking force.
Quasar 24vdc 400mm 400N

Download the full catalogue of new UCS products below and contact a member of our team to place your order.

UCS 2017 New Products Catalogue from Rocburn

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