Making sure that your greenhouse has enough ventilation really is crucial if you want to keep your plants healthy in the middle of the summer. If your greenhouse doesn’t have enough ventilation, then you may find that the lack of humidity and the extreme heat harms your produce and that it also stops them from growing. A fantastic way for you to make sure that your plants are growing as they should, would be for you to provide them with the perfect environment. This can be done by investing in electric greenhouse window opener.

What are Greenhouse Vents?

Automatic greenhouse vents have a piston which gives them the ability to either open or close automatically. When the warmer weather hits, your vents will open and when the temperature drops, the vents will stay closed. Greenhouse vents are very easy to install. The pistons have a specially designed wax which when heated, expands. The greenhouse window openers can be installed onto any greenhouse and you don’t need to operate them at all. The type of vent that you invest in will largely depend on where you would like your greenhouse vent to be. You can have it on the roof, or as a side vent if you want. The vent that you do decide to invest in will largely depend on the plants that you have and the amount of sun you get.

If you are concerned about your vent not being in the right place, then you may want to try and install it where the sun hits the most. That way it will open up whenever the hottest part of the greenhouse exceeds a certain temperature. This is ideal if you have plants that don’t require as much heat. If you are growing plants that do require a large amount of heat on the other hand then installing it on the coldest window in the greenhouse would work because in this instance, it only works when the coolest part exceeds the heat threshold you’d like. Ideally, having a vent at either side would work well if you have a large greenhouse because that way you can control both sides of the greenhouse at the same time depending on the amount of sun each side is getting.

Benefits of Greenhouse Vents

  • There are many benefits of greenhouse vents. If you were to fit one in your greenhouse then you will easily be able to save yourself a huge amount of time and effort. As the weather and the temperature in your greenhouse fluctuates, you won’t have to worry about opening the vents.
  • Automatic vents are the way to go if you feel as though you are constantly having to visit your greenhouse every single day just to open the window and they are also ideal if you work and don’t have the time to visit your greenhouse every single day.
  • A greenhouse that has a fantastic level of ventilation will easily keep your plants healthy and it will also make them more resistant to pest attacks as well. The main reason for this is because pests thrive on plants that are dried out or without adequate water. Vents will stop this from happening because they let cool air in, therefore stopping your plants from dehydrating as much.
  • If you’re concerned about pollinating insects then you’ll be glad to know that automatic vent openers let these types of bugs in, so that you can speed up the process of pollination without having to worry about manually controlling the temperature of your greenhouse.
  • Another benefit of an automatic vent opener is that it will ensure positive oxygen and carbon levels within your greenhouse to make sure that the environment is much more suited to plant growth.

All About Electric Greenhouse Vents

If you have an electric vent, then this will use some kind of power to open the vent. This can be in the form of a solar cell, battery or even line power. A lot of systems have a backup source so that the vents can be opened if the power should fail. Electric systems are much more advanced and reliable so if you want a long-term solution then they are certainly worth looking into. If you are on a budget on the other hand, then you may want to try and invest in an automatic one as this will do the same job but without the additional benefits. This is a great way for you to have a vent system without going over budget.

Greenhouse Window Openers

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