What products can be replaced by an ACK4 actuator?

We’ve seen the ACK4 chain actuator rebranded, and sold under different brands like Teleflex, Morse, and Clearline, with different model numbers such as MAC41, MAC42, MAC43, and MAC44.  Rest assured these are all products from the original manufacturer, TOPP, which is based in Italy.

The ACK5 which is available in the UK only is also basically the same as an ACK4 with only a small modification to the internal drive mechanism.  The ACK4 specs match on paper, so it’s a drop-in replacement for the ACK5, with the added benefit of a lower price point.

Will my replacement ACK4 just fail again? How can I prevent it from happening?

These motors are very robust so it’s unusual to see them fail with less than 5 years of installed use, and we regularly see them last for 10 years or more.

If yours has failed prematurely it is worth checking aspects of the installation of the motor as part of the replacement.  It’s likely the installation has caused the failure earlier than desired.  The things to check are: –

  • Brackets – You’ll want to make sure the brackets are correct for the window, the ACK4 has a wide range of different brackets available for virtually all window types.
  • Frame Pin Adjustment – Between the head of the chain and the bracket that’s mounted to your window will be an adjustable bolt secured by the frame pin. The purpose of this bolt is to adjust the closing position of the window.  This should have been adjusted so there’s enough pressure for the window to press against the gaskets in the frame.  However, too much pressure will prevent the chain from fully retracting into the motor body and cause extra stress on the drive gears.
  • Control/Power – You’ll want to make sure the control option that drives the motor is correct. The motors are quite simple devices and can be controlled by a simple switch, or even by a Wi-Fi connected panel.  The key things are to check the voltage rating is correct and that the control does not apply permanent power to the ACK4.  The device is only rated for a certain duty cycle and the manufacturer states that power should not be applied for more than 120 seconds at a time.

How to identify if you need the ACK42 or the ACK44 version and what’s the difference?

The first step will be to find the label on your motor’s body, this will have all the information needed to identify which one you have.  It’s usually located on the side of the motor body that faces the window, which can make this a bit difficult.  So, if you need assistance give us a call, our experts will help you figure it out.

The label itself, has changed during the time the product has been on the market, there’s some examples below.  If your label only reads ACK4, ACK5, or MAC4, then you’ll need to pay attention to the voltage rating on the label.  24v DC actuators are replaced by an ACK44, whilst 230v AC actuators are replaced by the ACK42.

Examples of labels that are affixed to the ACK4 Chain Actuator

Another thing that has changed is the shape of the motor body.  Earlier models have flatter left and right sides with a threaded nut used for mounting visible.  The newer models are slightly wider and have these nuts recessed and contained within the body itself.  The older one might need modifications made to your brackets to work, or replacement brackets instead.  Send us a photo if you want help identifying your model and motor body type.

I know which model I need; how do I get a replacement?

We stock all versions of the ACK4 and have them ready for next working day dispatch from our warehouse.  We don’t have a buy online facility, but our technical sales experts are very knowledgeable and will help ensure you get right product over the phone.  We’re happy to see pictures of your current installation to make recommendations and help the best we can.  Get in touch with us today, you’ll be surprised at how affordable our prices are.

Want to know more?

If you want help choosing the right product or solution, our technical sales staff are here to help.

Why not call us today on 01702 826 267 or click below to submit an enquiry.

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