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Case Study: Changing from a manual screwjack to an electric actuator?

Location: Maldon, Essex

Date: August 2017

This case study is just one example of a typical customer requirement, automating a roof vent window on a conservatory roof

We have designed an easy to fit & cost effective solution for fitting an electric actuator to conservatory roof vent window with no visible frame

By using the existing screwjack bracket on the opening vent (which can be replaced if required with a new brass, chrome or satin chrome bracket if required) we can provide a solution to fit an electric actuator such as the ACK42 chain opener to the roof vent window with relative ease

The option is this example is a remote control window opener, but this could be opened with a switch or even a  temperature control panel with rain sensor to automate the ventilation in your conservatory.

Project Pictures


  • Small conservatory pitched rooflights
  • Manual conversion to electric/Existing screwjack upgrade to electric
  • No visible vent frame to push against, adapted existing screwjack bracketry using allthread & our custom end-cap

Window Opener Equipment Supplied:

  • 1 x ACK4 230V White Electric Chain Actuator + Large Pivot Brackets
  • 1 x Somfy Remote Receiver Panel + Remote Control

This is one of the many projects we have supplied electric window openers and actuator equipment for.

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