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The range of manual and electric window openers is vast and choosing the right solution depends on your needs. Our website carries just a sample of the most popular products we sell, but by no means covers everything we stock or can supply. It is always best to call us and we will help you find the correct product for your exact needs.

If you can’t find the exact window openers for your natural or smoke ventilation needs on our website don’t worry!
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Window Opener Manufacturers

We deal with a wide range of manufacturers so if you have a window opener or control product you need sourcing please contact us.  Some of the manufactures whose products we can supply include:

Nekos, TOPP, Ultraflex Control Systems (UCS), Aprimatic, Window Master, D&H, Aumuller, Mingardi, AXA, Solar Breeze, Also for manual chain openers, Teleflex Morse (Clearline), Viviflex and Highline.