C30 TOPP Chain Actuator

When it comes to robust, simple to use window actuators, the C30 Topp chain actuator is a great choice. The C30 electric actuator for windows can be installed on both top and bottom hung designs (using different brackets), ensuring that, no matter what windows you have in your home or building, you can use this exceptional chain actuator.

The Topp C30 has a double-link articulated chain which is specially enclosed in an exterior casing to complete the aesthetic look of the unit. Operation is at 230V/50Hz but has the option of 24V DC if required.

The stroke on the C30 Topp chain actuator can be adjusted to either 200 or 380mm. This is done via an external knob, making the use of the C30 extremely simple.

Ventilation within a building is essential for the comfort and health of those inside, as well as the integrity of the building itself. Therefore, converting standard windows into electric ones means that this ventilation is easier to achieve. Whether the windows are set to open via a timer, a sensor, or manually, installing the Topp C30 electric window actuator will make the operation smooth and simple.

The Topp C30 chain actuator is ideally suited for skylights and hard to reach windows such as those in a conservatory or stairwell, allowing them to be opened and closed to aid ventilation. Without the electric window opening in place, this task may have been impossible, or potentially dangerous. Once the Topp C30 is installed, these areas of ventilation no longer need to be a cause for concern with regards to safety or security.

c30 topp window opener