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Smoke Vent Project – Stage Two: Getting Into The Details

Step Three: Building Layout, Window Details and Fire Strategy

At this stage to go any further we need to get confirmation of all window dimensions (window schedule) full building plans with AOV windows identified on the plans and any proposed fire strategy that has been given to you.

Step Four: Snagging & Trouble Shooting

At this stage we go through in more detail the practicalities of installation and from experience identify any potential issues that might occur such as, frame dimensions for appropriate actuator brackets, opening restrictions that may not have been apparent such as window restrictors or external obstructions to the window opening for example.

This usually requires contact with someone on site who can measure and take photographs and answer questions


Stage Three: Finalising Your Order >>

Case Studies

Each year we work with our customers on 100’s of projects, view the details of some of these in our Case Studies section.

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