Window Master WSK 331 Break Glass Unit

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Brand: Window Master | Manufacturer Part numbers: WSK 331

Break Glass Unit

Specifications at a glance:

Housing: Metal

Size: 125 x 125 x 36mm (WxHxD)

Colours Available:

Window Master WSK 331 Break Glass Unit

Break glass unit (secondary) without audiable signal, metal housing

  • Secondary break glass unit
  • Without an audible signal
  • Metal housing

Smoke ventilation

The product is suitable for smoke ventilation and use natural driving forces for the efficient exhaust of smoke and heat

Break glass unit (primary) with an audible signal suitable for smoke control panel type WSC 204, WSC 304, WSC 308, WSC 316 and WSC 4xx.
The coloured LED indicates fire triggering or if a fault is present on the system.

Press function:
– press button for ”EMERGENCY OPEN”
– re-set button (behind the door) after activation


LED -Display
– yellow LED ”fault”
– green LED ”operation”

Acoustic signal:
– ”EMERGENCY OPEN” and ”fault”

Spare parts (glass, keys etc.) can be ordered separately.


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Technical Details

WSK 331
Data communication:
Break glass unit bus
Size: between MotorController and remote control:
125 x 125 x 36mm (WxHxD)
orange, yellow, grey

Download PDF's

Window Master WSK 331 instructions

Window Master WSK 331 installation

Window Master WSK 331 Break Glass Unit Data Sheet

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