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Topp WiFiBox – Remote Pro

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Brand: Topp | Manufacturer Part numbers:Remote Pro


Product Information


Topp WiFiBox – μRemote Pro
Wifi Remote Control

Remote control with rechargeable batteries for controlling window actuators connected to WiFi.
CE marked device.

μRemote has a multi-colored LED diode. The Topp WiFiBox – μRemote Pro version additionally has the vibration function. It is powered from a built-in lithium battery, charged via a micro-usb connector, with a standard 5V charger or USB connector. The beginning of the battery charging is signaled with violet color. When the battery is completely charged the LED diode turn off. Feature for the remote control is available in devices of the wBox series, with software version above 0.500

The remote control communicates directly with wBox controllers – no router is required. The communication of the remote control is bidirectional, the user receives feedback information about the execution of the command of the controller by using the signal of the LED diode (in the PRO version also by using the vibration). The red LED indicates that an error has occurred.

Additional information




Technical Details

μRemote Pro
Number of buttons:
number of connected devices / channel:
LED RGB diode
Haptic Feedback Display:
Yes for Pro Version
72 x 39 x 13 mm
Power supply:
lithium-polymer battery
standard microUSB charger 5V (not included)
radio frequency:
2.4 GHz
Transmission type:
with confirmation, encrypted
Transmission protocol:

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TOPP Product Control wifi instructions

TOPP μRemote Pro instructions

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