Aprimatic WI-MATIC ATC300E

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Brand: Aprimatic | Manufacturer Part numbers: 43509/015

This product is suitable for:

  • Side-hung windows
  • Top-hung windows
  • Bottom-hung windows
Specifications at a glance:

Push / Pull Force: 250 N

Adjustable Strokes from: 100-400 mm

Voltage supply: 230 V AC

Protection Class: IP 42

Colours Available:

Available in SAA aluminium


Aprimatic WI-MATIC ATC300E

Electromechanical operator for windows with double layer chain, ideal for outward-opening windows.
Wide voltage 100-240Vca power input, suitable for all country’s different requests.

Rocker brackets for long runs even on small frames.They also allow the operator suitable to a wide range of applications.

Aprimatic WI-MATIC ATC300E offers adjustable running, from 100 up to 400mm.

Double layers stainless metal chain alloy steel that ensure maximum strength.

Aprimatic WI-MATIC ATC300E is very smooth running.

Slim dimensions and compact shape make this product easy to integrate with the window frame regardless of its thickness or design.

Aluminum casing with oxidation treatment satin to give maximum strength and aesthetics.




Product Applications

This product is suitable for:

  • Top-hung windows
  • Bottom-hung windows
  • Side-hung windows

Technical Details

Power Supply:
100-240 Vca 50/60 Hz
Absorbed Current:
0,15 A
Rated Power:
28 W
Push / Pull Force:
250 N / 250 N
10 mm/s
Adjustable Strokes from:
100-400 mm
Operating Temperature:
Size Operator
(LxHxP) 460 x 42 x 56 mm
Size Windows:
1600 mm MAX
Protection Class:
Parallel Connection:
Yes, with 1 motor for each frame
Operator Weight:



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