Actulux – Fire Switch MCP Breakglass

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Easy Installation and Operation, this fire switch is developed for use together with an Actulux smoke ventilation system.

This breakglass can operate along side the Actulux SVM Control Panels.  It has cable entry points at the top, bottom, and back, and plenty of space for wiring.  Available in Grey, Orange, and for special requests custom colours.

The door is key operated and the internals contain a buzzer and LEDs for easy alarm indication and diagnosis.

Operating Instructions

During fire: Break the glass and activate the ref button.

During test: Open the door and activate the red button.

Closing and Alarm reset: Open the door and activate the reset button, the alarm is reset and any triggered vents will close.

In Summary

  • Key operated door
  • Multiple cable entries
  • Lots of cable space
  • 2mm connection terminals.


Jumper K10 must only be set in the last fire switch or systems with only a single switch installed.

Terminals (2 mm2) Pinout:

  • Green LED, OK
  • Yellow LED, Failure
  • Red LED, ALARM
  • Ground (-)
  • Fire switch emergency closing (reset)
  • Fire switch emergency opening (fire)
  • Blue LED, OPEN indication







Custom, Grey, Orange

IP Rating

IP54, IP30, IP43

PDF Downloads

Actulux Fire Switch MCP Product Sheet

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