Product Focus – Manual ‘Teleflex’ Window Openers

Published On: 6 October 2017
Manual Winding ear Window Opener

Manual Winding Gear in various configurations

Manual Window Openers

Manual window openers are a method of opening hard to reach windows from a remote handle located within reach. There are several brands of manual openers, but the most commonly used name is Teleflex.

What are manual ‘Teleflex’ Window Openers?

A manual winding gear system consists of a chain opener you fit to the window or windows you want to operate, a low-level winding handle such as the midi or maxi operating handles located within reach.

The chain and handle are connected by helical cable run from the handle up to each chain you want to operate, or though several chains to create a bank of windows that open as a group.

This winding cable is concealed in bendable conduit with a nylon inner lining fixed to the surface of a finished wall with saddle brackets

Turning the handle on the operator drives the cable forwards and backwards operating the chain or chains on the window, which will then open and close your window without needing to provide power to an electric actuator

Answering some basic questions

  • What type of windows can I open with manual window openers?
  • Can I Open a Skylights or Pitched Roof Window Openers?
  • Can I use manual openers on a side hung window?
  • How far can a manual chains open windows?

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