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What Fire Regulations are in Place Within the UK?

Fire regulations are continuously changing and improved to help ensure the protection of building structures and those individuals inside them are at the best they can be. Fire Safety Regulations in the UK The regulatory reform (Fire Safety) that would become the law in October 2006, saw a change in how fire safety of buildings […]

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Bathroom Ventilation: Tips for Determining the Right Ventilation Options

Bathroom ventilation is a crucial part of any well run and functional home, and we’re going to explore why this matters so much, as well as how you can get better ventilation for your bathroom. Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Ventilation Bathroom ventilation is crucial in any home, and it’s something that you […]

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Trickle Vents – Benefits Of Trickle Ventilation Windows

Big improvements have happened when it comes to draught-proofing our homes. Modern windows are brilliantly energy-efficient thanks to becoming airtight, however, an entirely airtight interior isn’t good for air quality and moisture in the home. If you want to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment, it is important for your home to be well ventilated. […]

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Natural Ventilation for Infection Control in Healthcare

Ventilation moves outside air into a building or a room in the building. It also distributes the air throughout the facility or room. The general purpose of ventilation in any building is to provide healthy air for breathing by both removing the pollutants from the air within the building or the room and removing pollutants […]

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Window Ventilation Company – Covid Prevention

2020 has taken us all by surprise. At the start of the year, very few could have predicted that the world would find itself in the grip of a global pandemic. Governments around the world have had to take a huge array of steps and measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus and Covid-19. Over […]

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Natural Ventilation | Types, Working and Benefits

Keeping your house cool and comfortable without impacting on the air quality can be challenging, especially in summer. While artificial methods of ventilation such as AC systems and fans have become increasingly popular over the last years, these have some downsides that are worth considering before picking a ventilation system for your house. Natural ventilation, […]

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Guide to Home Ventilation

Ventilation systems are such an important factor of our homes that more and more of us are becoming aware of. A good ventilation system means cleaner, fresher air which is vital for your health and the look and feel of your home. So what is available? There are lots of options with different prices. A […]

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Window Styles: All Different Types of Windows

Windows are not only a large financial investment, but they play a significant part when it comes to the aesthetics of your home as well. Windows are both functional and can make your home appear more stylish and beautiful. It’s a big decision that will require you to consider factors such as your home’s style, […]

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What Are The Different Parts Of A Window Called?

Understanding the different parts of a window can aid you in choosing the ideal set of windows for you, as well as helping you to care for your windows and ensure that they can stay in tip top condition for as long as possible. You may be under the false impression that a window consists […]

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How Do Greenhouse Window Openers Work

Making sure that your greenhouse has enough ventilation really is crucial if you want to keep your plants healthy in the middle of the summer. If your greenhouse doesn’t have enough ventilation, then you may find that the lack of humidity and the extreme heat harms your produce and that it also stops them from […]

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