Multi Zone Smoke Ventilation System – Southend-on-Sea

Published On: 24 January 2017

Location: 3-5 High Street, Southend-on-Sea

Date: September 2016

Rocburn were chosen to supply the smoke ventilation equipment to be installed as part of renovation works for 3-5 High Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. This was to convert offices into residential properties located in the town centre.
Multi Zone Smoke Control System

Smoke Ventilation Equipment Supplied:

  • 1 x 10 zone 20amp Multi Zone smoke vent control panel
  • 4 x EN12101-2 tested AOV Roof hatches
  • 6 x 1mtr Square EN1366-2 Fire rated dampers and grilles – painted matt black louvers & white grilles
  • 8 x Fireman’s Override Switches

Project Overview

This job consisted of 1 stair core ventilated by a 1mtr square smoke ventilation roof hatch, with left and right hand lobbies on the 1st 2nd and 3rd floors (plus a dedicated penthouse lobby vent). Each lobby had a damper and grille fitted to ventilate smoke into an assigned smoke shaft.

The control panel was wired back to an addressable fire alarm, which would trigger on smoke to open the damper on the fire floor along with the related roof hatch. This automatically cleared the communal escape routes of smoke.

The smoke ventilation equipment was specified in accordance with Approved Document B.

Project Pictures

Smoke ventilation access hatch EN12101-2 rated


1 meter square free vent area smoke ventilation access hatch EN12101-2 rated

Fireman’s override switch


Local fireman’s override switch in lobby corridor, used to manually override the fire alarm signal to open or close the AOV from within each zone

EN1366-2 Tested Dampers and Grilles


EN1366-2 Tested Dampers and Grilles:

A good alternative to using a smoke shaft door actuator. The louver is covered by a decorative grille to prevent trapping, tampering or falling issues in the event of a fire


This is one of the many multizone projects we have supplied smoke ventilation equipment for.

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