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Mingardi Micro S Chain Actuator 200-250mm

Mingardi Micro S chain actuator is easy to install and requires little maintenance. Use it for almost all window sizes, and you can install it on roof vents. Strokes available are between Mingardi 200-250mm. This makes it a better choice for windows.

 Product description

The Mingardi Micro S is a smaller alternative but still is a popular choice for many. Whilst it’s smaller, it still provides an impressive stroke length (mingardi 200-250mm). With colour options available to choose from, the Mingardi Micro S is useful for top-hung and bottom-hung windows. This is for a maximum of 20KG though, so worth noting. It is also suitable for providing natural ventilation and window automation.

As a smaller option, it packs the same power and effectiveness as it’s larger options. Featuring the actuator unit itself, it also comes with a standard bracket for efficient installation. The small and discreet sizing helps to avoid it standing out like a sore thumb too much. This chain actuator provides the opening needed for natural ventilation on your windows and vents.

For the Mingardi Micro S, all you need is some fixing screws, a qualified electrician, and some extra cable where needed. This comes with 1.0 metres of double insulated cable.

 What you will get

  • Mingardi micro S actuator unit
  • Complete standard bracket
  • Insulated double cable of 1.0M

 Exclusive of

  • Screws for fixing purposes
  • Extra cable for installation (check the manual for measurements)
  • A specialist who can install

 Colors options available

  •  Mingardi micro L comes in an anodised silver color
  • On request, you can choose black or white

 Strokes available

 Mingardi Micro S strokes available are

  • 200mm
  • 250mm

 Voltage options

  • 230V AC (S50-1, RCU1, RRTKEY, EVC, CCU1, and CCU2)
  • 24V DC (PSU-2, PSU-4, PSU-8, WUC 101,and WUC 102)


 It is suitable for

  • Natural light ventilation
  • Window automation
  • Top & bottom hung windows- 20KG MAX
Mingardi MICRO S Chain Actuator 200-250mm

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