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Mingardi Micro L

Mingardi Micro L window actuator is one of the best chain actuators for most window use. It has a compact design that is easy to install and maintain. It also has a range of stroke options of Mingardi 280-380mm to choose from. This makes it a better choice for window controls.

Product description: Mingardi Micro Chain Actuator L

Featuring a compact design that blends in easily, it makes an ideal choice regardless of the type of window application you have. There are a variety of stroke options available and the sizing options available (mingardi 280-380mm) are suitable for those looking for something in between the small and XL.

With varying colour options, the Mingardi Micro L is a great choice for many window and vent applications. It’s useful for top hung and bottom hung windows. It can also be used with Velux type centre pivot vents at a weight maximum of 30KG. Providing uses for natural ventilation and window automation, it’s a great choice.

The unit comes with a standard bracket but fixing screws will be needed as well as extra cable if necessary. Ensure that the Mingardi Micro L is fitted by a qualified electrician or professional.

What you will get

  • A Mingardi window actuator
  • Complete standard bracket

 Exclusive of 

  • Screws for fixing purposes
  • Extra cable for installation (check the manual for measurements)
  • A specialist who can install

 Color options available

  •  Mingardi micro L comes in an anodised silver color
  • On request, you can choose black or white

 Strokes available

 Mingardi Micro L strokes available are

  • 280mm
  • 380mm

 Voltage options available

  • 230V AC (S50-1, RCU1, RRTKEY, EVC, CCU1, and CCU2)
  • 24V DC (PSU-2, PSU-4, PSU-8, WUC 101, and WUC 102)


  •  Natural light ventilation
  • Window automation
  • Pivot vents (top & bottom hung and a Velux center pivot)- 30KG MAX

Window sizes

  •  Minimum size- 538mm(w) by 380mm(h)
  • Maximum size- 1500mm(w) by 2000mm(h)
Mingardi MICRO L Chain Actuator 280-380mm

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