Linear Window Actuators

Window actuators and the controls they use are a vital element to today’s building services. They make a large impact on the success or failure of a building’s inside environment and energy performance.

They are usually an afterthought for designers and clients which can be a problem for years to come if not installed at first correctly.

There are multiple types of window actuators which we provide depending on the type of building they need to be installed within.

Electric Linear Window Actuators

  • Electric Linear Window Actuators
  • Typically For Roof Vents And Domes
  • 300mm or 500mm Opening Stroke
  • IP65 For High Environmental Protection
  • Powerful Motor For Heavy Windows 450N (For 300mm) 350N (For 500mm)
  • Quite Operation
  • Complete With End Bracket and Optional Slide Bracket
MAX Spindle Linear Actuator
MAX Spindle Linear Actuator

MAX Spindle Linear Actuator

Linear Window Opener Installation Examples

Electric Linear Window Actuators

Rack Electric Linear Window Actuators

  • Linear Electic Window Actuators
  • Available In 230v and 24v Options
  • Typically For Roof Vents And Domes
  • Opening Stroke Options, 180mm, 350mm, 550mm, 750mm or 1000mm
  • IP55 For High Environmental Protection
  • Very Powerful Motor 650N or 350N For 1000mm
  • Low Noise Operation
  • End Brackets Or Slide Bracket Options
RACK Linear Actuator
RACK Linear Actuator

RACK Linear Actuator

UCS Rack Configurations

Dual and Double Rack Option Window Actuators

These units are the same as the single rack openers above, but have a connecting rod and a slave drive or for very heavy windows 2 motors for twice the power

  • For Very Wide Roof Vents For Added Stability
  • Double Rack 1300N (700N For 1000mm)
  • 1000mm 1500mm or 2000mm Connecting Rod For Syncro Operation
UCS Dual & Double Rack Systems


These linear window actuators are just a couple of popular options. There are a number of other alternative options depending on your application.