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Dimensions & Applications

KS30/40 Dimensions

Kato KS30/40 Window Opener

This slim line remove control window opener motor is an ideal opener for domestic and commercial applications for high level and hard to reach windows.

Easy to fit & adjustable stroke from 110 – 400 mm opening distance.

Key Features

  • Suits Windows From 200mm Tall (From Opening Edge To Hinges) Ÿ
  • Remote Control Window Opener
  • Powerful 300N push & pull force (30Kg) Ÿ
  • Easy Stroke Adjustment from 110 – 400mm Stroke
  • Ÿ1000N Locking force Ÿ
  • Low current draw of 0.12 amp
  • ŸLoad cut off switch Ÿ
  • Easy Fitting with Simple Template (10min per motor) Ÿ
  • Soft close feature to eliminate damage to window seals
  • All brackets provided inward / outward / cill mounting

Kato Radio

  • Built In Receiver So Less Wiring Required
  • 30 Channel Remote
  • Control 30 Single Actuators Individually

Kato Syncro

  • Built In Synchroniser
  • Connect Up To 8 Actuators On The Same Vent

Roof Vent Installation

KS30/40 Window Opener

Open in Brackets

Open In Bracket

Various Remote Control Window Opener Control Options

Ventilation Switch Remote Temperature

Other Opener Options

KS30/40 Remote Control Opener KS3040 Window Opener
  • Natural Ventilation

  • Smoke Ventilation

  • Electric Actuators

  • Manual Openers

  • Window Controls

  • Product Support