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How to wire a mains voltage electric window opener

When you are installing electric window openers, it is important to consider the cabling at the beginning of the project, this will ensure you don’t have issues with running cables to your windows or control panel after walls have been finished.

It is also important that your electrician understands the cabling required as this is slightly different from typical appliances electricians are used to.


Please note this is for example only, please talk to us, or ask your electrician to call before wiring for specific advice for your situation.

Step 1 –

Considering what you want from your electric window controls

It is always best to discuss your requirements with us so we can help select the best window opener option, but as a guide you need to consider

  1. How many windows you want to automate.
  2. The size of your windows.
  3. How you want them to operate? for example individually or in groups together? as this will help with planning the wiring.
  4. How you want your window openers to be controlled, switch, remote control or temperature control for example

Once you have decided this you can talk to your electrician about the cabling required.

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