Home Ventilation – What is ventilation and why do we need it?

Published On: 17 March 2023

Our automatic opening windows can improve ventilation in your home significantly. Home ventilation is vital for ensuring that stale air from inside your property is regularly exchanged for fresh, clean air from the outside. It is important to have a well-ventilated home for energy efficiency and property maintenance reasons. Adequate airflow in the home is also vital for health and safety. Here are the four most important reasons why ventilation is essential for your home.

Health Benefits

A well-ventilated home helps to reduce the risk of a number of health issues such as hay fever, allergies or asthma. If your home is stuffy and the movement of air is slow, dust and pollen can become trapped and the risk of allergic responses increases. By regularly opening windows and increasing the airflow in your home, you will naturally feel better, increase your sense of well-being, and the atmosphere will feel more comfortable.

Reduces Condensation

If your home is constantly closed up and sealed off, moisture in the air cannot escape and it will gather on the coolest surfaces, such as windows, and form water droplets. If these droplets can’t dry out, this will lead to a build-up of condensation which increases the risk of dampness and mould. Mould in your home can be really harmful to your health and can lead to or exacerbate respiratory disorders such as asthma. It can also be damaging to the structure and decoration of your property because it can cause wallpaper to peel, paintwork to become discoloured and it can damage fabrics. Ensuring that there is appropriate airflow throughout your home will reduce the build-up of moisture and keep your property safe and clean.

Regulates Temperature

Regular ventilation, especially in the summer months, will make your home a far more comfortable place to live. If your space is adequately ventilated, it can become a cool oasis on hot days and pleasantly warm in the winter months.

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Reduces Risk of Toxic Pollutants

There are a number of toxic pollutants that can be present in the home. These include Radon gas and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Radon gas develops through the decaying process of uranium in rocks and soil and it can be found in certain parts of the country which are near water treatment plants, caves or mines. It is odourless and colourless and increased levels have been linked to incidents of lung cancer. If you have adequate ventilation throughout your home, this can help to reduce the build-up of Radon gas and keep levels safe.

VOCs are found in emissions from some household furnishings and chemicals. High levels of VOCs in the home can become toxic, so it is important to monitor the fabrics and chemicals you use, in addition to ensuring adequate ventilation to prevent the levels of pollutants from building up.

Proper ventilation in your property offers a variety of benefits, from reducing the risk of health issues such as asthma and allergies to preventing condensation and resultant damage from damp and mould. By installing automatic opening windows, you can improve ventilation in your home considerably. Get in touch to find out more about our market-leading products.

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