Timber Frame Conservatory Rooflight Openers

Published On: 13 July 2017
Timber Frame Conservatory Window Opener

Date: July 2017

A customer came to us with a particular problem, he wanted to achieve better natural ventilation in his conservatory which had rooflights. He wanted to install some sort of traditional manual window opener but wouldn’t know what would work as there where no visible frame on the windows themselves.

Chrome Screwjack Traditional Window Opener

Window Opener Equipment Supplied:

Single Thread Screwjacks in Chrome Finish
Extension Plate to give a visible frame to push against

Project Overview

The customers aim was to achieve better natural ventilation within his conservatory. He had existing timber conservatory roof vents but they had no frame that was visible and available for an opener to push against so was struggling to find a solution that would work for him.

After consulting with him we suggested using a traditional screwjack opener, in chrome to match the rest of his decor, and to use a plate that would fit against the frame and stand out far enough for the screwjack to push against.

Project Pictures

Traditional Window Openers Timber Frame Vents
Chrome Screwjack on Timber Frame Conservatory

Keep your conservatory well ventilated is important and natural ventilation is a very efficient way to do this.

Cost effective manual window opener solutions for conservatory roof vent windows are one of our specialties so please view our range of manual openers and for the best solution to you situation please call us for advice.

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