Smoke Ventilation Equipment for Flats – Kingston Upon Thames

Published On: 3 July 2017

Location: 226 Richmond Road, Kingston Upon Thames

Date: May 2017

Rocburn were chosen to supply the smoke ventilation equipment to be installed as part of renovation works for 226 Richmond Road.  The aim was to renovate AOV systems to bring them up to current standards.

Smoke Control Panel Fitted

Smoke Ventilation Equipment Supplied:

1 x Single Zone – 5amp Smoke Vent Control Panel

1 x Kato 305 24V RWA Actuator + Velux Skylight Brackets

1 x Fireman’s Override Switch

1 x Smoke Detector Head & Relay Base

Project Overview

This job consisted of 1 stair core ventilated by a pitched Velux rooflight.

The system allowed for smoke detection in the stairwell to trigger the AOV to open automatically, while also providing manual controls for the fire brigade from the ground floor entrance to the stairwell.


The smoke ventilation equipment was specified in accordance with Approved Document B.

Project Pictures

Kato 350 - Velux Smoke Vent


Kato 350 Fittend to Velux
Smoke ventilation pitched Velux rooflight


This is one of the many multizone projects we have supplied smoke ventilation equipment for.

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