Single Zone Smoke Ventilation System – Aldershot

Published On: 14 September 2017

Location: Raglan Close, Aldershot

Date: September 2017

This is a small single zone smoke vent system installed in the stairwell of some apartments in Aldershot.

The windows were not wide enough to use the standard fitting style of the chain actuators, so we worked with the installer to offer a Jamb mounted solution to suit.

Jamb Mounting Actuators

Some window actuators can be mounted to the side of a vent, to drop the window down in a certain way (similar to a drawbridge). This allows you to achieve a larger opening distance on a narrow vent which will give you the best free vent area possible.

The method involves fitting a synchronized pair of window openers to the left & right sides of the vent. In this case they were 1000mm stroke twin chains.

Northern Lights

1000mm Twin Actuator


1000mm Twin Actuator

Smoke Ventilation Equipment Supplied:

  • 1x Synchronized Pair Of Twin Chain Actuators – 1000mm Stroke
  • 1x Single Zone Stairwell AOV Control Panel (Including Battery Backup)
  • 1x Fireman’s Override Switch
  • 3x Smoke Detectors Heads & Relay Bases

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Firemans Override Switch


Smoke Detector


Single Zone AOV Panel

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