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ACK5 Chain Actuator 230v or 24v

Available only in the UK

The  ACK5 Electric Chain Actuators are manufactured in Italy by TOPP movement and come with a heavy duty gearbox, stainless steel double-link articulated chain, die-cast epoxy-coated enclosure, complete with mount and accessories for top- and bottom-hung windows

This motor is used widely in both domestic and commercial property with CE Mark, conforming to Directive: EN 12101-2 for fumes and heat evacuation systems (24V version only).

As this chain drive has a sealed motor and IP55 rated it can be used on skylights and roof vents where there is a risk of rain

The ACK5 is exclusive to the UK and is particularly popular in conservatories and orangeries where they can be used with temperature control panels and rain sensors, these manage the temperature all day without the worry rain getting in when you are out of the house

Easy to fit with bracket options to suit all types of windows & maximum stroke 400 mm, easily adjustable with 7 positions (100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm) via the selector knob.

Choose ACK5 230v or ACK5 24v Motor Chain Window Opener

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ACK4 Actuator
ACK4 Actuator
ACK4 Small Pivot Bracket
ACK4 Standard Bracket
ACK4 Small Pivot Bracket
ACK4 Small Pivot Bracket

ACK5 Technical Details

Model ACK5 230V ACK5 24V
Power supply voltage 230V ~ 50Hz 24V c.c.
Max. thrust force 300 N
Max. traction force 300 N
Strokes 100 – 150 – 200 – 250 – 300 – 350 – 400 mm
Power draw 0,32 A 1,35 A
No-load speed 27 mms 17 mms
Duration of no load stroke 15 s 23 s
Double electrical insulation yes
Service type S2 di 2 min S2 di 3 min
Operating temperature – 5°C + 50°C
Electrical equipment protection rating IP 55
Window mounting adjustment 10 mm
Parallel connection of 2 or more actuators yes
Connect 2 ACK5* to same window only with USA2 control unit
Chain position monitoring yes
Limit switch encoder
Audio alarm for reporting an incorrect assembly yes
Dimensions 288,5x83x47,8 mm
Weight ** of the installed unit 1,9 kg
* minimum distance between the two actuators: 1500 mm
** the indicated weight is subject to variations, depending on the chosen accessories

Rocburn Limited


ACK5 Actuator Stroke Adjustment
Easy Stroke Adjustment Screw
ACK5 Stainless Steel Chain
Double Link Stainless Steel Chain
ACK5 Internal Motor IP55
Sealed Motor Provides High IP55 Protection

ACK5 Control Options

  • Retractive Wall Switch
  • Remote Control
  • Temperature Control Panels
  • AOV Panels For Smoke Ventilation
  • Anti Crush Control Board To Prevent Trapped Fingers
Ventilation Switch Remote and Temperature

Choice Of Standard Stock Colours

  • White
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Raw Metal Finish For Painting
ACK4 Colour Options

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