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Traditional Window Openers

Traditional ScrewJack Window Winders

The effortless way to open your conservatory windows.

Just fit a winder pole into the screw jack and wind it, and the window will open.

Screw Jack Opener
Telescopic Screw Jack Winders

Screw Jack With Handle

If your window is within reach you could also consider installing a manual screw jack, that comes with a small built on opening handle.

Handle Style Screw Jack
Screw Jack With Handle

Brass & Chrome Telescopic Window Winders

Brass & Chrome Screw Jacks
New Finish Now Available

Satin Chrome Finish Single and Twin Thread Screw Jacks

Satin Chrome Screwjacks
Satin Chrome Finish Single and Twin Thread Screw Jacks

Bracket Options To Suit Timber and uPVC Vents

Satin Chrome Screwjacks
A Variety Of Options To Suit Your Application

New Brackets For Skylight Window Openers such as Velux & Fakro

New Brackets To Give Clearance When Using A Screwjack On A Skylight Window With A Cill

Call Us For Advice On The Best Bracket Options To Suit Your Window Opening Needs

Screwjack Opener For Skylight Windows Screwjack Window Opener On Skylight Bracket

Traditional Window Opener Poles

We have a choice of sunroom or conservatory window winder poles made from either solid brass or aluminium.

Designed to easily crank open your window screw jacks.

These window winder pole handles come in a variety of finishes and sizes to suit all window opening requirements.

Our winder pole bracket just adds that finishing touch to your conservatory, and is a practical way to store your winder pole when not in use.

Window Winder Poles
Opener Poles In Brass and Aluminium

Single Thread Screw Jacks

A range of popular single thread screw jack openers in brass and chrome finish

Single Thread Screw Jacks
Single Thread Screw Jacks
Single Thread Screwjack

Wooden Opener Poles

Wooden Opener Poles

Aluminium Opener Poles

Aluminium Opener Poles

Popular Adjustable Opener Poles

Fit In The Cupboard – Extends Up To 3mtrs Long

Adjustable Opener Pole

Call us for more information or download our

Screw Jack & Pole Price List

A Range Of Poles and Openers To Suit Your Needs

Screwjack and Winder Pole In Conservatory