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ACK4 Electric Window Opener With Anti Crush Board



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Sliding Sash Window Opener


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Sliding Sash Kit

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Sliding Sash Kit With Switch and Control Panel




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Sliding Sash Window Openers

Single, Twin and Hidden Sash Window Kits




Sliding Sash window openers to suit traditional timber sash windows 


These openers can be either surface mounted or hidden within the frame of the sash window replacing the sash weight on one side


Sash kits to suit all size sash windows


Window Opening distances:


from 200mm through to 1000mm depending on the size of your window


Control your sliding sash window by 

  • Wall Switch
  • Handheld Remote Control
  • Automatically For Smoke Ventilation

Keep a traditional look in your property and control your sliding sash window without the cost of a replacment window


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Hidden Sliding Sash Window Opener


Sliding Sash Window Opener Hidden