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 Manual Window Opener


Midi Style Operating Handle


Manual Window Openers


Manual remote opening systems can operate single or multiple high level windows by using a remote handle 


Manual window openers can be fitted to most types of windows:

  • Side hung
  • Top hung
  • Bottom Hung Open In or Out
  • Skylight and Roof Windows

Suitable for both commercial and domestic applications,


Manual openers are traditionally used in schools but can be used in buildings for a cost effective solution where wiring is not always an option



Manual Window Opener Options Include:

Chain Openers, Screwjacks Designed For Roof Vents, Telescopic Fork and Swivel Openers For Pivoting Louver Blades



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Fitting Instructions


Choosing Brackets and Fitting A Chain Opener  -   Manual Chain Opener Fitting Instructions 



Preparing and Fitting The Conduit                     -   Conduit Fitting Instructions 



Fitting The Winding Handle:                             -   Manual Handle Fitting Instructions




Selecting Your Manual Opener


Manual window openers can be fitted to single windows or banks of windows


Manual chain openers can open windows either 250mm or 380mm and this will depend on the size of the window you are operating


With a choice of operating handles and brackets for timber, aluminium and PVC windows we can provide a solution for any type of window


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