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 KS30/40 Electric Window Opener

Electric Window Opener

Eltral KS30/40 


This slimline German window motor is ideal opener for domestic and commercial applications for high level and hard to reach windows


Easy to fit & adjustable from 110 - 400mm opening distance

Eltral KS30/40 Window Opener Downloads


     KS30/40 Electric Window Opener Datasheet                KS30/40 Electric Window Opener Fitting Instructions



KS30/40 Window Opener Key Features 

  • Suits Window From 200mm Tall (From Opening Edge To Hinges)
  •  Powerful 300N push & Pull Force (30kg)
  • Easy Stroke Adjustment from 110 – 400mm Stroke
  • 1000N Locking Force
  • 0.12 amps low amp
  • Load cut off switch (motor has safety cut off switch for extreme loads) stops the motor burning out
  • Easy Fitting with Simple Template (10mins per motor)
  • Soft close feature to eliminate damage to window seals
  • All brackets supplied 3 sets inward / outward / cill mounting
  • Slim Profile


KS30/40 Intergrated Remote Control

  • Built in receiver so less wiring required
  • Remote control version up to 4 separate banks of windows on one remote


KS30/40 Remote Control Opener


KS30/40 Syncro - For Very Large Windows

  • Built in synchroniser
  • No seperate tandem control panel required
  • For large and heavy windows over 1500mm Wide

 KS3040 Electric Window Opener

Complete With Brackets For

Open In Applications


KS30/40 Window Opener For Open Out Windows


Various Control Options


Ventilation Switch Remote Temperature



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