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Electric Window Openers Fitted


We offer a range of electric window openers, single chain openers, twin chain openers for larger windows requiring two push points. and linear actuators for rooflites and large heavy windows


Single Chain Window Openers

ACK4 230v or 24v electric window opener, MAC4 Window Opener, C20 Window Opener, suits skylights, top hung, bottom hung and standard casement windows, adjustable opening from 100 - 400mm, Supermaster heavy duty window opener for windows requiring a large opening, Sintesi electric opener, Quasar, Quasar L,  Vega, VCD and ACI window openers with smaller profiles when space is an issue or the new Eltral KS30/40 Window Opener With Built In Remote Option, Window Master Electric Actuators


Twin Chain Window Openers For Large Windows

Twinmaster window opener 24v Suitable for smoke control and large heavy windows , C240 for wide windows and roof vents, Twinpower master for large windows


Linear Actuators For Roof Vents & Dome Windows

Max Actuator for roof vents and domes, Rack Actuator for roof vents or domes, Dual and double rack for heavy vents and dome windows, SL60  Actuator, PL linear window openers for large heavy windows roof vents or domes


Panels and Switches

Smoke control panels, smoke alarms, firemans overide switches, AOV smoke ventilation, automatic opening vents

ST70 Climate control panel, automatic closing with termostat control and rain sensors 

 ideal for conservatories and orangaries, RRT Remote control window opener options, Key fob remote controls

New anti crush control board to prevent trapped fingers


Window Opener Manufacturers

We deal with a wide range of manufacturers so if you have a window opener or control product you need sourcing please contact us.  Some of the manufactures whos products we can supply include:

 Nekos, TOPP, Ultraflex Control Systems (UCS), Aprimatic, Window Master, D&H, Aumuller, Mingardi, AXA, Solar Breeze, Also for maual chain openers, Teleflex Morse (Clearline), Viviflex and Highline 


MB08  Proportional Temperature Control Panel


MB08 Temperature And Rain Sensor

Proportional Temperature Control Panel  £109.95 +VAT


Thermostat Sensor £13.95 +VAT


Rain Sensor  £17.95 +VAT


Remote Control  £29.95 +VAT


Standard Kit Without Remote          £141.85 +VAT

 Remote Kit c/w Remote Control      £157.85 +VAT


 Technical Information

Block Diagram,   Fitting Instructions



V8 Aqua Proportional Temperature Control Panel IP65

Fully IP65 protected for moisture protection


V8 Aqua Temperature Control Panel         

Proportional Temperature Control Panel  £180.95 +VAT


Thermostat Sensor  £13.95 +VAT


Rain Sensor  £17.95 +VAT


Remote Control Kit £29.95 +VAT


V8 Standard Kit Without Remote          £212.85 +VAT

V8 Remote Kit c/w Remote Control      £242.80 +VAT


Technical Information

Block Diagram (as MB08 above)   Fitting Instructions




MB06 Temperature Control Panel


MB06 Temperature Control Panel


Manual Open & Close function


Dimmer Style Face With Dial To Set Temperatures


Complete With Rain Sensor


 Fitting Instructions


MB06 Standard Kit Price             £109.95 +VAT






Somfy Remote Controls


Somfy Remote Reciever


 Radio Recievers Panels and Remote Controls



Standard Radio Reciever Panel   £59.95 +VAT


IP44 Reciever Panel                   £59.95 +VAT


1 Channel Remote £21.95 +VAT to control one panel


4 Chanel Remote to control up to 4 panels  £32.95 +VAT


16 Channel Remote to control up to 16 panels  £90.44 +VAT


Single Wireless Wall Switch  £21.95 +VAT

(Can be used in conjuction with the remote control)


Somfy Leaflet PDF



Anti Trap Control Board For Window Openers



Anti Trap Control Board



Anti Trap Current Limiting Board


To prevent trapped fingers when an actuator is being used on a low level windows,

This control is popular when used with window openers in nursing homes, hospitals and schools


Can be used with the popular ACK4 Window Openers and Supermaster Window Openers


Can be used with a switch or remote control






Download our catalogue for more information and technical details on our range of elecric window openers


Download our smoke control questions form to help us quote the right window opener for your requirments



ACK4 Chain Actuator


 ACK4 Chain Opener With Adjustable Stroke

ACK4 Fitting Instructions

ACK4 Datasheet


Natural Ventilation Control Panel


ST70 Temperature Control & Rain Sensor

Temperature Control Fitting Instructions

ST70 Wiring Diagram

Rack Linear Actuator


Single Rack Actuator For Roofvents & Domes

Max Linear Actuator


Max Linear Actuaror For Roofvents & Domes


Pictures of some of the electric window openers from our range, ideal for skylights, fanlights, roof vents, louvers, conservatories and organgeries 


Dowload our catalogue for more information and call to let us know your requirements


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